tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop Select Devices

The default configuration is to display ALL HomeSeer Devices when their status is either ON or DIM.  There are many Devices created by plugins that you probably want to exclude from monitoring.  You can exclude Devices by excluding an entire Location or by excluding individual Devices within a Location.  First, open the Options panel and select the Select Devices tab:

Select Devices Panel

Uncheck any Location that you want to totally exclude from monitoring.  As you uncheck Locations, the Devices will be removed from the Devices panel.  Now select each Location one at a time from the drop-down list, displaying all of the Devices in that Location.  Uncheck the Devices you do not want to monitor.  As you uncheck Devices, they will be removed from the Devices panel.

Browse to the Select Events page to configure which HomeSeer Events can be triggered by tenHsDesktop.

If you have not yet configured when and how you want your selected Devices to be displayed in the Devices panel, browse to the Device Display Configuration page.