tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop Control HomeSeer Devices

There are several ways to control HomeSeer Devices.  You can right-click any Device in the Devices panel and it will be turned off.  You can left-click any Device in the Devices panel to open the Device Action panel:

Device Action Panel

This panel will display all of the Actions defined for the Device.  Double-click any action to send the action to HomeSeer for the Device.  You can control ANY HomeSeer Device by opening the Control Devices panel:

Device Control Panel

Unselect Show Only Selected Devices to display ALL HomeSeer Devices.  If a HomeSeer Device is still not displayed in the selection lists, then you may not have retrieved all Devices/Events from HomeSeer since the Device was created.  Click on the Retrieve HS Device/Events menu item to retrieve all Device and Event definitions from HomeSeer:

Retrieve Devices