tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop Installation

Download and run one of the installation programs at the bottom of this page to install tenHsDesktop.  You run the program from the Windows Start Menu:   Start/Programs/tenWare/tenHsDesktop.  When tenHsDesktop first starts, it attempts to connect to your HomeSeer server.  Connection will probably fail, and you will be asked to enter connection parameters and restart tenHsDesktop.  Please read the Initial Configuration page for more details.


 tenHsDesktop Version 1.52  4/8/2011

Bug fix:  Retrieve All Devices/Events failed if there were outstanding Alerts

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.51  6/27/2010

Bug fix:  Screen Saver options were not displaying properly

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.50  5/25/2010

Bug fix:  icons were not properly being extracted from DeviceString HTML that used a double quote ( " ) instead of a single quote ( ' ) as a delimiter.

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.49  5/18/2010

Support for Z-Wave devices has been added

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.48  4/30/2010

tenHsDesktop receives and displays HomeSeer Log records created while it is running.  A button has been added to the HS Log panel to download the full log from HomeSeer.

The tenHsDesktop log is no longer opened when the connection to HomeSeer fails.

The tenHsDesktop log is now written to a disk file.

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.46  4/22/2010  (for HomeSeer version or later)

HomeSeer version is now available that requires an updated speaker.exe program to be at the level as well.  This version of tenHsDesktop is built with the HomeSeer DLLs.

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.43  4/15/2010  (for HomeSeer version or later)

tenHsDesktop now always connects to HomeSeer using TCP port 8737

Several cosmetic improvements and bug fixes

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.40  4/14/2010 (for HomeSeer version or later)

New capability to specify the Device Criteria and Display Text for all Devices.  Use this to initially set the default display values for all Devices before you begin editing individual Devices.  A new Utilities tab has been added to the Options panel.

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.39  4/14/2010 (for HomeSeer version or later)

Minor cosmetic changes and a few bug fixes

 tenHsDesktop Version 1.37  4/10/2010 (for HomeSeer version or later)

Inital full function release