tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop HomeSeer Log

tenHsDesktop receives all log records from HomeSeer as they are created.  You can display the HomeSeer Log by clicking on the HS Log icon HS Log Icon :

HomeSeer Log

Several lines in the panel above are highlighted because one of the search criteria specified for the HomeSeer Log was that an entry contain both the words Office and Desk.  To specify the search criteria, open the Options/Log Monitor tab:

Configure HomeSeer Log

You can specify up to four search criteria, each of which can contain up to four required words. Any record that matches any of the four search criteria will be highlighted in the HomeSeer Log panel.  Whenever tenHsDesktop receives an HS log record that matches the criteria, it will flash the HS Log icon HS Log Icon until the HomeSeer Log panel is opened.  If Open HS Log window when match found is checked, then the HomeSeer Log panel will be opened when a matching record is received.