tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop Profiles

There is a significant effort involved in getting tenHsDesktop and your Devices configured perfectly   --  and then you want to change them again.  tenHsDesktop allows you to save all configuration data as one of ten Profiles.  It is a good idea to save your work now and then, in case you want to go back to a previous point.  You may also want to maintain several different Profiles for different situations.  You may have a laptop that you want configured differently for different locations.  You may want connection parameters to connect across your LAN when you are at home, but specify an exteranl IP address when you are travelling.  You may even want to connect to different HomeSeer servers.  You save to a Profile or restore from a Profile from the Options/Profiles tab:

Profile Configuration

If the Profile you restore from contains different Connection Parameters, you will need to restart tenHsDesktop. Note that as you change tenHsDesktop options these changes are NOT stored to any Profile until you explicitly save them.  Current option specifications ARE retained between tenHsDesktop executions.

You can determine the location of the Profile file on your system by displaying the tenHsDesktop Log and looking for the startup message:

Profiles Log Message