tenWare Software

tenHsDesktop Initial Configuration

When you first start tenHsDesktop (Start/Programs/tenWare/tenHsDesktop) it attempts to connect to your HomeSeer server.  The connection will probably fail and you will be prompted to enter connection parameters with the following dialog boxes:

Bad Connection Dialog

Change the IP Address to either the IP address or network name of your HomeSeer server.  If you are connecting from outside of your local network, make sure your router/firewall has TCP port 8737 open and routed to your HomeSeer server.  Click Save and Exit and then restart tenHsDesktop.

tenHsDesktop does not retrieve all Device definitions from HomeSeer each time it starts.  This could be very slow if connected remotely/wirelessly.  Instead, tenHsDesktop retains Device information between executions.  Each time tenHsDesktop is started, it will retrieve only the current status of each Device that has been selected for monitoring from your HomeSeer server.  The first time you successfully connect to HomeSeer, there will be no Devices saved from prior executions, so you are prompted to retrieve the Device definitions from HomeSeer:

Retrieve All Devices Prompt

Click on Yes, and all HomeSeer Device definitions will be retrieved from your server.  The Device Display panel will now look something like this:

First Device Display

The default configuration for tenHsDesktop is to display all Devices whose status is ON or DIM and to display the Device Name and the text and icon normally displayed on the HomeSeer Status page.  You can change how Devices are displayed globally, and then modify individual Devices that need specific configuration.  Note that the panel is not properly displaying the Devices' icons.  You must set the location (URL) for your HomeSeer server so that tenHsDesktop can find the icons on your server.  Open the Options panel by right-clicking the tenHsDesktop icon  tenHsDesktop Icon  in the System Notification Area or at the bottom of the Device Display panel to open the context menu and click on Options to open the Options panel:

Set HomeSeer URL

The General tab should be selected.  Enter the URL to your HomeSeer server (IP Address:Port) and close the Options panel.  Your Devices panel should now look something like this:

Device Panel with Icons

You are now ready to configure your display options.  After configuration, my Devices panel went from the intial display above to the following:

Configured Device Display

The next step is to select only the Devices that you want to monitor.