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Microsoft Visual Studio Code Editor

One of the distinct advantages of using tenScripting to develop your HomeSeer scripts is the extensive capabilities of the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Editor.  It compiles each script statement as you enter it, providing immediate syntax checking.  The following code snippet is shown flagged with an error:

Syntax Error

The built-in Intellisense capabilities of the editor provide auto-completion using drop-down lists.  In the example above, while entering the Dim devStatus As Integer statement, the editor displays the allowed possibilities as you type.  In the example below, as the Int portion of the type is entered, a drop-down list is displayed showing the possible selections for the variable type beginning with Int:


The code editor is even aware of the HomeSeer object model and will display available properties and methods as you type, including the calling sequence.  In the following example, the editor is displaying the available selections after the user has typed hs.e

HS auto complete

These are only some of the features of the Microsoft VS Code Editor. Enter an If statement, and it automatically generates the closing End If.  Not sure how the select vb statement works? Start typing the Select statement, hold the mouse cursor over the word Select and press F1 for help on the specific command.