tenWare Software

Upgrading to a New Release

In order to upgrade to a new release of tenScripting4, you must replace most of the files that are in your current Visual Studio tenScripting4 solution, without overwriting the files that you have added to the solution (your scripts). 

There are two ways of accomplishing this:  (1) create a new tenScripting4 solution from the downloaded installation file and then copy your script files from the old solution to this new one, and then add each of the files to the new project; or (2) copy the downloaded solution files on top of your existing solution, replacing identical files, and then add your script files to the new solution (no need to copy them, they are already there.)

I believe the second approach is simpler and less prone to error.  Here are the  steps:

(1) download and unzip tenScripting4 to a temporary location

(2) Create a backup of your existing tenScripting4 solution

(3) copy the new version folder structure on top of your existing solution, replacing existing files.

(4) open your upgraded solution in VS and use Solution Explorer to look at the files in the VBscripts and CSscripts folders.  At the top of the Solution Explorer is a row of icons, one of them Show All Files.  Use this to make sure that all of the files in the script folders are displayed.  Script files included in the projects will have either a VB or C# icon. While your script files will be there, they will have an icon that looks like an outline of a folder.  While your script files are still in the solution folders, they are NOT included in the VS project defintion (which is from the new version you downloaded).  Right click each of your script files and click on Include In Project.

Perform each of the following steps only if the upgrade version tells you to:

  • (5) Add Code Snippets to Code Snippets Manager
  • (6) Export tenScripting4 Utility Scripts to HS4
  • (8) Copy tenGlobalMethods.dll to HS4 root folder