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Exporting Scripts to HomeSeer

Once your scripts have been tested in the tenScripting environment, you will want to copy them into the HomeSeer script folder.  tenScripting provides an Export capability that copies selected scripts from the tenScripting .vb and .cs files to individual HomeSeer .vb or .cs files, removing the Class Definition statements. Any statement containing  @DONOTEXPORT will also be removed. In addition, any reference to hs4. will be replaced with hs.   UPDATE: With version 4.7 of tenScripting4 and version of HS4, the replacement of hs4 with hs is no longer necessary.  To Export your script(s), click on Export Scripts on the menu bar while tenScripting is running.   This will open the following Export Dialog:

Export Dialog

Select one of your .vb or .cs files from the drop-down list.  A list of all of the scripts (Classes) in the selected tenScripting file will appear down the left side of the dialog. When you click on a script, the source statements for that script are shown in the large text box.  Double-click one or more of the scripts to mark them for export to HomeSeer.  If you have not previously set the location of your HS4 script folder, click on the Specify Script Folder to enter its location. The following dialog will appear:

Export Dialog

Enter the network path to your HomeSeer script folder and click the Verify Access to Folder button.  If successful, the number of files currently in your HS4 script folder will be displayed.  Click the Save button to return to the Export Dialog.

Now click the Export Selected Scripts button.  Another dialog opens indicating export results. Be sure to verify that all of your selected scripts were copied successfully.