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tenBtRealtimeChart Realtime Chart

The tenBtRealtimeChart program receives packets from tenBrultechServer and displays channel data in realtime.  A sample chart is shown below:

  Realtime Chart

The top of the panel shows the number of packets received and dropped. Data points are displayed as data is received from the server.  Click on the Options button to specify the UDP port that tenBrultechServer is using to send packets, and to specify which channels are to be charted, and to give each channel a name. A sample Options panel is shown below:



It is possible to zoom into an area of the chart to view a subset of data rescaled for more detail.  Drag a rectangular area on the chart surface to zoom into that area. In the sample below, a small rectangle has been dragged over a portion of the chart:


The result is that the chart shows only data from within the zoomed rectangle, rescaling the chart:


Scrollbars have also been added, as has a button at the top of the screen to cancel the zoom.  You can zoom multiple times.  The button to the far top of the vertical scrollbar and to the far left of the horizontal scrollbar can be used to unzoom from just the most recent zoom.  The Cancel Zoom button will redisplay all data.


 tenBtRealtimeChart Version 37.6  12/9/2012

Added selection of Interval for time range that data is displayed

Chart resizes with application window

Cosmetic and performance improvements

 tenBtRealtimeChart Version 37.1 12/2/2012

Inital Beta Release