tenWare Software

tenBrultechServer Installation

The first step is to verify the proper installation of the ECMs and GEMs.  Download and run the Brultech Configuration Programs that is available from their website.  Set the parameters appropriately, and make sure that realtime data is enabled and that you can see it.  If you are using an EtherBee/EtherPort to communicate to an ECM/GEM via TCP/IP, you need to make sure that the TCP Port and the IP addresses have been properly configured.   When configuring a GEM, make sure that the packet format is set to: Binary Green Eye    (No Date)

Then download and run the tenBrultechServer installation program found below:



 tenBrultechServer Version 37.6  11/29/2012

Bug: Serial Number not always displayed in ECM/GEM grid

Minor cosmetic changes

 tenBrultechServer Version 37.5  11/25/2012

Bug:  GEM Pulse Counters and Temp Sensors were not handled properly

Minor cosmetic changes

 tenBrultechServer Version 37.3  11/24/2012

First Alpha release.  Full functionality included in the server --  needs further testing

Install tenBrultechClient to verify proper installation, configuration, and operation of the server