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tenHsOutlookCalendar.aspx Web Page

The tenHsOutlookCalendar web page displays a very simple HTML table containing appointments from your Outlook Calendar.  The calendar data is retrieved from the server (tenOutlookServer) running on your Outlook computer.  You display the calendar page just like any other HomeSeer web page.  Therefore, you can access it from anywhere on the internet if you have your HomeSeer computer configured properly.

The URL to display the calendar page is:

     Note:  replace with the location of your HomeSeer server.  If you are accessing HomeSeer from your local network, you can use the computer name of your HomeSeer box, such as:

The URL shown above will display your Outlook Calendar using default values of:  (1) Retrieve the default Outlook calendar folder  (2) Start displaying the calendar from today's date, for (3) 7 days

You can add the following parameters to the URL to gain greater control over how the Calendar is displayed:

    folder=         Name of the Outlook Folder containing the calendar to display. 
                              Must be a sub-folder of the default Outlook Calendar folder
    start=           Date of the first day to be displayed.  Must be in mmddyyyy format with exactly 8 digits
    days=          Number of days to display
    dow=           If dow=y, then the Day of the Week will be displayed
    year=           If year=y, then the date will include a two-digit year

 To display the appointments in your Outlook folder named Husband starting today for 90 days, the URL would look something like:

The calendar is displayed as an HTML table, using very simple formatting.  This web page is typically used for inclusion within a more complete web page or touch screen panel display.  The formatting is defined in the following file:  Default.css   resulting in a simple table like the following:

Simple html calendar table

You can create your own formatting by creating a style sheet file named tenHsOutlookCalendar.css in the \Homeseer 2\html\tenHsOutlookCalendar folder.  The contents of this file override individual style elements defined in Default.css.  It is important that you do not modify Default.css, as this file is replaced whenever a new release of tenHsOutlookCalendar is installed.  Your styles in tenHsOutlookCalendar.css will NOT be replaced.  An example of a tenHsOutlookCalendar.css file follows:

Sample Override CSS file

The above Style Sheet would result in a table looking like:

Formatted Table