tenWare Software

HomeSeer Remote Outlook Calendar Programs

These programs allow you to access your Outlook Calendar from HomeSeer.  Your Outlook calendar can reside either on your HomeSeer computer, or on another computer accessible on your network.  There are several programs and scripts included.  A server (tenOutlookServer.exe) that must run on your Outlook computer, a web page (tenHsOutlookCalendar.aspx) that runs on your HomeSeer computer.  This allows you to access your Outlook calendar from any computer that has access to HomeSeer.  There is also a HomeSeer script that can be run via a HomeSeer Event.  This script (tenCalendar.vb) creates a calendar (in an html table) and places it in the DeviceString of the specified HomeSeer Device.  You can then view your calendar from the HomeSeer Status display, or use the DeviceString value in your web pages, touch screen panels, etc.

tenHsOutlookCalendar.aspx and tenCalendar.vb are intended to be used to access your Outlook calendar from your various display panels (HsTouch, etc.), or from a web browser.  It is NOT a full blown Outlook interface, and only provides simple calendar selection and display.  For a more full-blown interactive Outlook interface that allows you to update your calendar and trigger events based upon it (as well as view mail and tasks), you should look at the pjcOutlook plugin available for sale from the HomeSeer Updater.  While tenHsOutlookCalendar only allows simple calendar embedding and display, it does allow you to access Outlook running on a computer separate from your HomeSeer computer (and it's free).


The web page (tenHsOutlookCalendar.aspx) generates a simple, scrollable html table containing your Outlook appointments:

Simple Outlook Table


The Calendar script (tenCalendar.vb) generates a scrollable html table containing your Outlook appointments and saves it to a HomeSeer Device's DeviceString field:

Calendar Device