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tenCalendar.vb HomeSeer Script

A HomeSeer script (tenCalendar.vb) is used to generate a scrollable html table containing your Outlook appointments, and store the table to the DeviceString of a HomeSeer Device.  Your calendar can now be displayed on the HomeSeer Status Page:

HomeSeer Device

The DeviceString can also be used by various screen generating programs such as HsTouch.


The tenCalendar script takes 4 parameters that determine how the calendar will be generated.  Following is a HomeSeer Event that runs the tenCalendar script every hour to update the HomeSeer Device with the calendar information:

Calendar Event

The tenCalendar script requires that 4 parameters be supplied to define how to display the calendar.  These parameters are separated by a period (".").  A parameter does not have to be entered, and a default will be used.  However, the parameters MUST be entered as null; that is, the parameter string must always contain 3 and exactly 3 period separators.  The 4 parameters are:

(1)  Outlook folder containing the calender appointments
            If missing, the default is to display the Outlook default calendar
            If specified, the folder must be a sub-folder of the Outlook default calendar

(2)  Start date in the format mmddyyyy.  All 8 characters must be entered.
            If missing, the default is today's date

(3)  Number of days to display.
            If missing, the default is 7 days.

(4)  The device code of the HomeSeer Device to receive the html table (in it's DeviceString field).
            The device code must always be specified.

In the Event shown above, the appointments in the Outlook folder named MyCalendar will be displayed starting at 1/1/2008 for 30 days and the resulting scrollable html table will be placed into the DeviceString of HomeSeer device z10.

The following would build a calendar into HomeSeer Device z5 containing appointments from the default Outlook calendar folder starting with today's date and displaying 7 days:


You can also control the formatting (size, fonts, colors, table layout) of the generated html table.  The style information is stored in \Program Files\Homeseer 2\Config\tenCalendar.ini with defaults of:

.ini file

If you modify the .ini file, the new style definitions will be used the next time you run tenCalendar.  Neither the script nor the installer will modify an individual setting once you have changed it.  To revert back to the default style, just delete the entry for the individual style and tenCalendar will restore it to the default the next time it is run.