tenWare Software


Installation consists of running two installation/setup programs  (one on the HomeSeer server, and one on the Outlook computer - these could be the same computer), and changing one configuration setting.

First, download and run SETUPtenOutlookServer.msi on your Outlook computer.  Follow the normal installation prompts. Once installation is complete, start the server from the Windows Start Menu (Start/Programs/tenWare/tenOutlookServer).  The icon should appear in the notification area.

Second, download and run SETUPtenHsOutlookCalendar120.msi on your HomeSeer computer.  Follow the normal installation prompts.

Finally, edit the following configuration file:  \Program Files\Homeseer 2\Config\tenHsOutlookCalendar.ini.  You should find something like:


Change IpAddress to the IP address of your Outlook computer. You can also use a network name. 



From either computer (or any computer that has access to HomeSeer web pages) open a browser and enter the following URL:
 changing to the ip address and port of your HomeSeer server.

This should display the next 7 days of your default Outlook Calendar.



tenHsOutlookCalendar history:

SETUPtenHsOutlookCalendar120.msi                 Added year parameter.
                                                                            year default is no display
                                                                            dow default is no display
                                                                            Updated oDate style.

SETUPtenHsOutlookCalendar110.msi                 Added dow parameter

SETUPtenHsOutlookCalendar.msi                       Initial Release