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Realtime Debugging

Normally, tenScripting is used to manually start a script in the Visual Studio environment, providing significant debugging tools.

However, there are situations where the timing and the house status is important to the proper execution of a script. Once a script is coded and tested using tenScripting, it is exported to the HS script folder.  The script is then referenced in an HS Event, that determines WHEN the script is run.  These conditions and timing may be critical to how the script actually executes.  For this reason, tenScripting provides a facility in which an HS Event can actually run a script within the tenScripting environment, even if tenScripting is running on a different computer.

Instead of an HS Event running MyScript.vb with an entry point of MySub and a parameter of Parm1|Parm2|Parm3, you change the HS Event to run script tenRunScript.vb with an entry point of Main and a parameter of MyScript|MySub|Parm1|Parm2|Parm3

It is important to be aware of a few things:

  • tenScripting must be running and connected to HS (can be anywhere)
  • The script that will be run will be the version that is within the tenScripting VS solution, not the version in the HS Script Folder
  • You can set breakpoints in the script before you start tenScripting
  • As with any script testing with tenScripting, any files that are referenced by the script will refer to files on the tenScripting computer
  • When entering the script name in the parameter, do not include the file extension

The HS script tenRunScript.vb must be located in the HS Script Folder.  It is installed once by running tenScripting and exporting the script tenRunScript.vb from the folder ExportTheseScripts.


Please view the following video:

Realtime Script Debugging