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Importing Scripts from HomeSeer

In addition to creating new scripts, you can also import existing scripts from the HomeSeer script folder for editing, testing, and then exporting back to HomeSeer.  This should be done one time for each script.    You should then only make changes to a script using tenScripting, and then Export those changes to HomeSeer once they have been tested.  You will not be able to Import a script that already exists in tenScripting. Click on the Import Scripts menu item to display the folowing dialog:

Export Dialog

First, make sure that the correct path to the HS scripts folder is specified, then retrieve a list of scripts currently in the HS scripts folder.  The list only shows script files that are NOT already part of the tenScripting project.  Click Show All Scripts to include scripts with the same name as scripts already defined within the tenScripting project.  Select the HS scripts that you want to import and then select the tenScripting .vb file that you want the imported scripts to be placed into. Click the Import Selected Scripts button.  A dialog opens showing the results of the attempted import.  When you close the dialog, the tenScripting project terminates so that you can edit the imported scripts.