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tenScripting Installation

tenScripting is distributed as a Microsoft Visual Studio Project, within a single .ZIP file.  Installation consists of downloading the file (see below), and extracting the files to your development computer.  Make sure that you retain the folder structure while extracting.  Start Visual Studio (or one of the related Microsoft products listed below) and then use the Open Project or Solution button to open the solution file: \tenScripting3\tenScripting3.sln. You may be asked if you want to upgrade the project.  Answer yes (no need to save a copy of the original project - you have the .zip file). 

Once the tenScripting project has loaded, you will see errors that references to the HomeSeerAPI, HSCF, and Scheduler assemblies are undefined.  You must add references to these HomeSeer assemblies.  First, make sure that the HS3 dll files are available on your development computer, either by copying them from the HS3 computer are by using a network share.  Then add the references:

In the Solution Explorer, right-click on References and select Add Reference... .  A dialog box will open.  Select the Browse tab and then browse to the location of the 3 HS3 dll files.  Select HomeSeerAPI.dll, HSCF.dll, and Scheduler.dll and click OK.

 Now go ahead and run the tenScripting project.  It is likely that the first time you run the tenScripting project it will not be able to connect to HomeSeer and will display a dialog box (may take several minutes for the connection to timeout and the dialog box to appear).  Enter the IP address or network name of your HomeSeer computer (localhost if your development computer is the same as your HomeSeer computer).  Click the Save and Exit button.  tenScripting will end.  Now run tenScripting again and it should successfully connect to HomeSeer.

You are now ready to begin developing your HomeSeer scripts using tenScripting.


tenScripting has been tested using the following Microsoft Development environments:

MS Visual Studio 2005
MS Visual Web Developer 2005
MS Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition
MS Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
MS Visual Studio 2008
MS Visual Web Developer 2008
MS Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
MS Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition
MS Visual Basic 2010 Express
MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
MS Visual Studio 2010
MS Visual Studio 2017 Community
MS Visual Studio 2019 Community

If you do not have one of these products installed, you can download and install the FREE Visual Basic 2017 Community Edition from Microsoft.  tenScripting is also distributed free of charge.

Don't forget to install Code Snippets for tenScripting (Updated 9/1/2019)

You should also install and run the latest version of  tenHsEvents

tenScripting Downloads

 tenScripting 3.38  1/9/2021

Set Options Explicit and Options Strict for VBscripts

Obj and Bin files added back to distribution

 tenScripting 3.37  9/20/2020

Resolved missing references on rebuild

 tenScripting 3.36  7/14/2020

Bug fixes and additional error checking

Realtime Script Debugging

 tenScripting 3.35  7/4/2020

You can now start debugging a script in tenScripting from an HS Event

.NET compilers now used to parse VB and C# source code

Export was adding extra line for C# USING statements

Import now handles C# files/scripts

You can now opt out of checks for newer versions (HELP menu)

 tenScripting 3.34  6/25/2020

Added button for Quick Export

 tenScripting 3.33  6/24/2020

tenScripting now supports C# scripts

 tenScripting 3.32  6/6/2020

Changed plugin instance=tenScripting

Removed obsolete Trigger processng code

Import/Export path bug fixed

Font changes to improve readability

 tenScripting 3.31  8/12/2019

Fixed removed reference to HsPhone from v3.30

 tenScripting 3.30  8/11/2019

Check for Newer Version Added

Removed HsPhone References

HS3 Debug ON logs less now

Additional Error Checking

Eliminated Extraneous file from distribution

 tenScripting 3.29  4/8/2019

ToggleDevice Sample Updated for HS3

Trigger Processing Removed

Termination Delay Reduced

 tenScripting 3.28  2/21/2019

Main Window location saved across executions

 tenScripting 3.27  2/17/2019

Removed HS Log and Device Change displays

Integration with tenHsEvents

Minor bug fixes

 tenScripting 3.26  6/17/2018

Can Now Skip HS Events

Updated Code Snippets

 tenScripting 3.25  4/22/2018

Additional HS3 Code Snippets

tenScriptAid Button

Minor Bug Fixes

 tenScripting 3.24  3/18/2018

Added HS3 Code Snippets

Retrieve Button for HS3 Log


Legacy HomeSeer V2 version (non-supported):

 tenScripting Version 1.4.4  11/30/2010