tenWare Software

tenEcmServer Installation

The first step is to verify the proper installation of the ECM(s).  Download and run the Brultech Configuration Program that is available from their website.  Set the parameters appropriately, and make sure that realtime data is enabled and that you can see it.  You can download the Brultech Interface program at:  http://www.brultech.com/ecmsupportupdate.html.  If you are using an EtherBee/EtherPort to communicate to the ECM via TCP/IP, you need to run the EtherBee configuration program found at the same web site before running the ECM configuration program.

Then download and run the tenEcmServer installation program found below:



 tenEcmServer Version 7.7  2/3/2011

Bug fix.  If an ECM counter value is less than the last received, it is assumed that the counter has wrapped around from the maximum value to zero.  In some cases, field values were being created in the UDP broadcast record that exceeded the field length, resulting in errors in the client programs  (invalid packet, dropped).

 tenEcmServer Version 7.6  8/21/2010

Cosmetic changes

 tenEcmServer Version 7.5  8/21/2010   

Display additional data fields

 tenEcmServer Version 7.4  8/21/2010

Eliminate dependency on .Net Framework version 4.0

 tenEcmServer Version 7.2  8/21/2010

Minor cosmetic bug fixes

 tenEcmServer Version 7.0  8/19/2010

Major release of tenEcmServer

Now supports 5 ECMs, connected via a single serial port and/or ethernet

Support for setting ECM settings has been removed.  Use the Brultech software to change settings.

After upgrading to Version 7.0, you will have to reenter information about each ECM  (serial number, ethernet/serial connection)

 tenEcmServer Version 6.9  7/7/2010

Bug fix:  Channel Factors where not being saved properly.

 tenEcmServer Version 6.8  1/10/2010

Enhanced the information written to the debug log (on the desktop). It is recommended that you always record at least Notices to the written log.

 tenEcmServer Version 6.7  10/8/2009

Bug fix:  error 'invalid packet' after packet sequence number exceeds 999,999.

 tenEcmServer Version 6.6  8/24/2009

Added Log File that can selectively be written to the Desktop for debugging purposes (via Option Dialog).

 tenEcmServer Version 6.5  7/25/2009

Bug Fix:  Should now run on Vista-64

 tenEcmServer Version 6.4  7/18/2009

The main dialog can now be resized, and the log displays will resize with it so you can see the log records without horizontal scrolling

The log records are now time-stamped

Bug fix:  the seconds field was not being handled properly when it rolled over

 tenEcmServer Version 6.3  7/13/2009

Bug fix:  When the ECM accumulators reach their max values (1,099,511,627,775 for Ch1/Ch2 and 4,294,976,295 for Auxn) they wrap back around through zero.  tenEcmServer was not handling the rollover properly.

 tenEcmServer Version 6.2  6/21/2009

tenEcmServer now supports two ECMs simultaneously.  You can connect one ECM via RS-232 and one via TCP/IP using an EtherBee; two via TCP/IP and Etherbee; or two via RS-232 using the XBee to USB (to RS-232) dongle.  A single packet is broadcast for each ECM record.  The broadcast record has been modified to contain an ECM number. 

 tenEcmServer Version 6.1  5/31/2009

Added EtherBee support.  You can now receive data from the ECM via either RS-232 through a serial port, or via TCP/IP from an EtherBee module sold by Brultech.  The EtherBee receives the data wirelessly from the ECM using the ZigBee protocol, and sends the data to tenEcmServer via TCP.

 tenEcmServer Version 5.6  5/24/2009

Capability to toggle the polarity for Ch1 and Ch2 Polar counters has been added

 tenEcmServer Version 5.5  5/18/2009 

An option to create a CSV file directly from tenEcmServer has been added

Improved recovery from network errors

Added Options menu item (tray icon)

Added option to specify a scaling factor for each channel (defaults to 1.0)

Added Reset Count field to the broadcast record.  This is a 3-bit field that is incremented each time the ECM is reset and the accumulated numbers are restarted

 tenEcmServer Version 5.3  5/8/2009

Bug Fix:  If Ch1 is not used, no records are broadcast.

 tenEcmServer Version 5.2  4/28/2009

Bug Fix: Com Port selection was not being saved between executions

 tenEcmServer Version 5.1  4/28/2009

Added factors for each ECM-12xx channel to the settings file.  The raw data from each channel will be multiplied by the factor.  The default factor value is 1.0 for each channel. The settings file is located at:     \Users\User Name\Appdata\Local\tenWare\tenEcmServernnnnnnnnnnnnnn\

 tenEcmServer Version 5.0  4/25/2009

First Production Release