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tenEcmServer Client Programs

Because tenEcmServer broadcasts each ECM record across the network in CSV format, it is fairly easy to write client programs that process the ECM-12xx data.  The record format is detailed here

Several client programs that use the data from tenEcmServer are available free of charge.  These programs are:

tenHsEcm12xx HomeSeer Plugin creates HS devices to track energy consumption, tracks monthly energy costs, and charts real-time energy consumption.

tenEcmDbLogger accumulates and records hourly energy consumption to an SQL database

tenEcmCharts creates charts of real-time energy consumption using tenEcmServer broadcasts and charts historic energy consumption using the data recorded by tenEcmDbLogger


The data flow among these programs is depicted below:

Flow Chart




tenEcmCsvLogger is a simple program that receives the broadcast packets and writes them to a .csv file. 



 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 7.1  8/23/2010

Major enhancement

Supports 5 ECMs

You can write individual CSV records for each ECM or one combined CSV record containing data for all selected ECMs

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.7  3/27/2010

You can now specify the folder and filename for the CSV file

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.5  9/9/2009

Added two option properties that allow you to specify the frequency in seconds to write CSV records and the option to write only the most recent record, overwriting previous record each time.

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.4  7/25/2009

Bug fix:  Should now run under Vista-64

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.3  5/10/2009

Added support for computers with multiple network interface cards

Improved recovery from network errors.  Added receiver timeout parameter

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.2  5/8/2009

Improved error handling

 tenEcmCsvLogger Version 4.1   4/25/2009

Initial Release