tenWare Software

Events and tenHsPower

The tenHsPower devices can be used to display the status of the UPS on the Homeseer status page, your custom web pages, and even in your Vista Sidebar (see tenHsGadget).  You can also trigger HomeSeer events based upon tenHsPower device value changes.  The events shown below are triggered when the UPS goes offline/online and   (1) Writes a record to the HomeSeer log   (2) Speaks a warning to all HomeSeer speakers   (3) Sends an email alert

HomeSeer events

You can also use tenHsPower device values in your scripts. I use the following VB code in a script that is triggered as a recurring event every 10 minutes to remind me that the UPS is running on battery, and how much (percent) charge remains on the battery.

Script Example