tenWare Software

tenHsPower Installation

The installation package for tenHsPower has been created using the most recent guidlelines for HomeSeer Plugins.  The single Microsoft System Installer file (.msi) contains all of the necessary files for the plugin to run with HomeSeer.  Download the installation package and then double-click the HomeSeerPlugintenHsPower_x_x_0_0.msi file to start the installation.  (Note:  HomeSeer must be stopped before the plugin is installed, and then restarted after installation).  Along with the normal installation dialogs, you will also see the following dialog asking if the plugin should be activated when you start HomeSeer.

tenHsPower Installation Dialogs

Complete the installation and then restart HomeSeer. You should see the following entries in the HomeSeer log indicating that the new devices have been created:

HomeSeer Log

If you go to HomeSeer Setup/Interfaces menu you should see that tenHsPower has been installed as an interface. If you did not have the installer activate the plugin, do it now.  Note:  Even though HomeSeer displays a  Config button on the Setup/Interfaces panel, there is no configuration page for tenHsPower.

Plugin Setup Screen

Because tenHsPower was installed using Windows Installer, it can easily be removed from your computer.  Use the Windows Control Panel and the Install/Remove applet to remove tenHsPower:

Uninstall Dialog