tenWare Software

tenHsEcm12xx Installation

First install tenEcmServer.  The download file and installation instructions are located here.

Start tenEcmServer and make sure that it is receiveing records from the ECM(s) and broadcasting packets.

Then download and run the installation program available below.  It must be run on your HomeSeer computer with HomeSeer NOT running.  After installing the plugin, restart HomeSeer, and then enable the plugin if you did not do so during the installation.  Use the plugin configuration page to make sure that the UDP port is set to the same as set for tenEcmServer.  The default is 3741.

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  If upgrading from a release prior to 5.19, all tenHsEcm12xx Devices will be deleted and recreated (along with additional Devices).

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.19  2/8/2011

Support added for up to three ECMs

tenEcmServer packets are now queued and processed on different threads, and tenHsEcm12xx processes packets from the queue one at a time every 1/2 seccond.  This minimizes dropped packets and reduces the load on HomeSeer.

New web page added to show the queueing and processing of tenEcmServer packets.

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.14  7/28/2010

Check for and log packet over-run

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.13  7/22/2010

Improved logging for broadcast sequence errors.

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.12  2/15/2010

The chart now generates a random image filename in the form Chartnnnnnnnn.png.  This is to overcome the cacheing of the image in some browsers.

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.11  2/14/2010

Reliability enhancements

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.10  2/9/2010

Added a button to the General Options page to restart the calculations for Net Energy for This Month

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.9  2/7/2010

Added the sc=n.n.n Chart Page URL command

Web site documentation has been updated to reflect new capabilities

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.8  2/6/2010

Bug fix:  chart was not displaying if using the Firefox browser

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.7  2/6/2010

Added Virtual Devices Net Energy, Generated Energy, and Total Energy to the realtime chart

Added 12 Hours as a charting option

Updated HS buttons for tenHsEcm12xx

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.6  2/5/2010

Added the capability to rename the HS Devices that track the ECM Channels

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.5  2/5/2010

Added support for installations generating their own power.  Added the following Devices:

Net Energy:  Energy to/from the grid.  Positive when consuming energy from the grid, negative when generating energy to the grid

Generated Energy:  Energy generated (solar, wind, etc).  You specify which ECM channel to use

Total Energy:  Total Energy used (Net Energy + Generated Energy)

The Monthly Energy and Monthly Cost Devices now computed based upon Net Energy

Now handle the situation where counters wrap around back to zero

You may now specify the day of the month that your billing cycle starts for the Monthly Energy and Monthly Cost Devices

Plugin now records and checks the current version to detect plugin upgrades.

Net Energy, Generated Energy, and Total Energy have been added to the Hourly Data available via scripting

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.4  12/6/2009  (if updating from V5.1 or earlier, delete all tenHsEcm12xx devices and restart the plugin)

Bug fix:  eliminated GetSetting error during initialization for MonthlyEnergy/Channel

Still Beta.  Production release is 5.1  (only supports one ECM)

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.3  11/29/2009 (if updating from V5.1 or earlier, delete all tenHsEcm12xx devices and restart the plugin)

Bug fix: eliminated GetSetting error during initiailization for Triggers/AcVolts

Added additional logging for invalid date errors

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.2  8/18/2009  (if updating from V5.1 or earlier, delete all tenHsEcm12xx devices and restart the plugin)

BETA version for testing only

Added support for 2 ECMs

tenEcmServer packet validity checking improved

A restart of tenEcmServer is now detected and logged

You can now specify the network interface to use, or Any.

Data for 24 hours is now retained for the realtime chart

You can now specify URL parameters for the realtime chart to format the chart for your specific application

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.1  4/30/2009

Added Trigger for device Energy This Month to minimize updates

Relabeled the plugin button

 tenHsEcm12xx Version 5.0  4/26/2009

Inital Production Release