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tenHsEcm12xx Charts


To show a chart of energy consumption over the last 24 hours, click on the ECM Charts button from the HomeSeer Status Page.  The following shows the HomeSeer screen:

Plugin Screen


Click on the ECM Charts button and the Chart page will be displayed:

Chart Page

The chart displays up to eight selectible power measurements.  You can select which of the seventeen measurements (14 channels and 3 computed values) to chart.  The dropdown lists show the names of the measured channels as specified from the Names Option page.  You can also select the length of time to be charted from the dropdown list.  You must specify (from the General Options page) that real time data is to be accumulated (the default) in order to be able to display the chart.  You can also specify the page refresh rate for the chart on the General Options Page.

You can display the realtime chart in a web browser from any computer on the internet.  For instance, to display the chart on a computer on your local network, where HomeSeer is running on a server named HomeSeer and the HomeSeer web server is using port 81, you could display the chart with the following URL:  http://homeseer:81/tenHsEcm12xx/Chart01.aspx

You can include commands within the URL to customize the appearance of the chart.  The following commands can be used:

rr=nn        Chart automatic refresh rate in seconds.  Specify rr=0 for no refresh.
cw=nn      Chart width in pixels.
ch=nn       Chart height in pixels
hh=y         Hide chart headers
hl=n          Do not hide chart legend
hs=y         Hide line selector dropdown lists
sl=1-6      Timeframe displayed by the chart. Values are:
                     1=5 min
                     2=15 min
                     3=30 min
                     4=1 hour
                     5=5 hours
                     6=24 hours
sc=n.n.n     Specify the channels to chart.  Specify from 1 to 8 channels separated with "."
                     n=   1 for Net Energy, 2 for Generated Energy, 3 for Total Energy
                            4 for Ch1, 5 for Ch2
                            6-10 for Aux1-Aux5
                            11 for Ch3, 12 for Ch4
                            13-17 for Aux 6-Aux10

The URL  http://homeseer:81/tenHsEcm12xx/Chart01.aspx?cw=800&ch=300&hh=y&&hl=n&hs=y would create the following chart:

Plugin Screen

This can be used to create custom designed charts that can be embedded in other html pages or applications.  You could easily embed a chart in an HsTouch screen, for example.