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tenHsEvents for HS3/HS4

While tenHsEvents will run on both HS3 and HS4, the functionality is now available in the tenScriptAid4 product and additional development of tenHsEvent will be discontinued, although support for this product will be maintained.

tenHsEvents is a programming utility that provides a realtime display of all HomeSeer device changes. It also displays all HS log records as they are written to the log. You can limit the display to just the devices you want to track, or you can monitor all HS devices.

A sample of the main tenHsEvents   window is shown below.

tenHsEvents Sample



Version 3.5

tenScripting, tenHsEvents, tenScriptAid Example


Download one of the ZIP files below, extract the file tenHsEvents.exe into a separate folder. 
Copy the following files from your HS3 folder to the folder where you copied tenHsEvents.exe.
To run, click on the tenHsEvents.exe file.

  tenScriptAid 4.2191 or greater                       11/6/2023       Download tenScriptAid4

  tenHsEvents 3.9                        9/29/2020       Handle hs.GetLog_Dates Exception

  tenHsEvents 3.8                        3/23/2020       Click on CONNECTED to open Connection Dialog

                                                                           Display IP address of server in Title Bar

  tenHsEvents 3.7                        8/12/2019       Check for New Version

                                                                           Additional Error Checking

  tenHsEvents 3.6                        2/21/2019       Write duplicate Device Names to program log only

                                                                           Log when scrolling stopped due to large queue

                                                                           Log when Events List is pruned

                                                                           Add timestamp to program log

                                                                           Click on Log or Chart selects corresponding Event

                                                                           Remember main window position

                                                                           Speed up Log refresh if tenScripting is running

  tenHsEvents 3.5                        2/17/2019       New HS Log handling

                                                                           tenHsEvents log button red if new entry

                                                                           Now coordinates with tenScripting

  tenHsEvents 3.4                        2/14/2019       Charts Events/Min

                                                                           Q HS Events and return

                                                                           Added Search for Filters

                                                                           Fixed Event Scrolling bug

                                                                           Display time as hh:mm:ss

                                                                           Filter dialog now closes properly

  tenHsEvents 3.3                        2/11/2019       Initial Beta Test Release