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HS4 Scripting Extensions

These Scripting Extensions add additional global methods that can be called from any HS4 script, providing easy to use extensions of the standard HS4 scripting environment.  Methods like DeviceOn, DeviceOff, and ToggleDeviceOnOff are easier to use than making CAPI calls.  Methods like GetCategoriesByRef and GetRefsByCategoryName allow easy access to the Categories in HS4 using the Category Name instead of the Category ID.

You can turn ON all devices that are in both the Lights and Office categories:

Result = DeviceOn(hs, GetRefsInBothLists(GetRefsByCategoryName(hs4, "Office"), GetRefsByCategoryName(hs4, "Lights")))


If you are familiar with tenScripting4, you can easily add your own extensions to the ones distributed with this package.

See the Extension Reference for details.