tenWare Software

tenScripting for HS3

tenScripting has been rewritten to run with HomeSeer Version 3.

Please read the documentation for HS2 tenScripting first.

Significant Changes:

          tenScripting now connects to HS3 as a remote plugin

tenScripting uses .net 4.0 instead of .net 2.0

tenScripting ha has been tested under Visual Basic 2010 Express and VS Express 2012 for Windows Desktop and Visual Studio Community 2015.

When connection fails (as will be the case the first time >tenScripting is run), the connection dialog will be displayed.  The only field that must be entered is the IP address of the computer that has a copy of HS3 active. You should also enter the Web Server port used by HS3  --  it is only used when you click on the HomeSeer logo at the top-right of the main window to display the HomeSeer home page.  The Userid and Password fields are not currently used, but will be implemented when HS3 implements remote security.

In the main window, the HS Events now display the Device Reference Number instead of the Devices' House/Unit code.

In the Edit Triggers window, the trigger condition for Status Changed has been eliminated  --  you now can only trigger on Value Change.

In the Edit Triggers window, you no longer specify a House/Unit code for the trigger; you now specify the Device's Reference Number.

In the Edit Triggers window, there is now a button that will open a list of all HS devices and their Reference Numbers to aid you in entering valid Device Reference Numbers. 

tenScripting3 has been tested:

Running on the same computer as HS3

Running on a different computer on the same LAN

Running on a differenct computer outside of the LAN containing the HS3 computer

You need to open and forward TCP port 10400 to your HS3 computer