tenWare Software

tenScripting3 Installation

All tenScripting version numbers greater than 3.0 are for the HS3 server.  They can be downloaded here: 

Don't forget to add references to the project for the HS3 dlls: 



Don't forget to install any new or modified Code Snippets Install and Use HS3 Code Snippets

You should also install and run the latest version of  tenHsEvents


tenScripting for HS3 Downloads

 tenScripting 3.29  4/8/2019

ToggleDevice Sample Updated for HS3

Trigger Processing Removed

Termination Delay Reduced

 tenScripting 3.28  2/21/2019

Main Window location saved across executions

 tenScripting 3.27  2/17/2019

Removed HS Log and Device Change displays

Integration with tenHsEvents

Minor bug fixes

 tenScripting 3.26  6/17/2018

Can Now Skip HS Events

Updated Code Snippets

 tenScripting 3.25  4/22/2018

Additional HS3 Code Snippets

tenScriptAid Button

Minor Bug Fixes

 tenScripting 3.24  3/18/2018

Added HS3 Code Snippets

Retrieve Button for HS3 Log

 tenScripting 3.23  3/16/2018

Improved Export processing

Improved Connection Dialog

Fixed Links to HS3 documentation

Fixed COPY bug when no text selected

Reworked termination processing

 tenScripting 3.22  12/4/2016

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

 tenScripting 3.21  10/28/2016

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

 tenScripting 3.20  4/27/2014

Significantly improved the configuration of the location of the HS3 script folder

Now the Device full name is displayed in the Events list

Changed start/stop log records to better display in HS3 log viewer

Updated the Help links

Slightly shrunk main dialog to better fit on smaller screen resolutions

tenScripting 3.15  12/14/2013

Bug Fix:  Exception when displaying Device String change in the Events Log

 tenScripting 3.14  12/10/2013

Added an Import function to import scripts from the HS script folder to a tenScripting .vb file

Handle exception when trying to delete the HS debug file that does not exist

Performance improvements when displaying large scripts in the Script Export dialog (thanks to Jesse Staab)

Handle exception when displaying device selected in the HS Events list.  Need to see tenScripting log when this exception happens

You can now flag statements within your script that you do not want exported to HS.  Include a comment on the statement that includes @DONOTEXPORT and the statement will not be exported. Great for debug only code, ie:
       msgbox("Debug Display")      ' @DONOTEXPORT


 tenScripting 3.13  7/20/2013

Modified to be compatible with changes introduced in HS3  Do not use this or later versions of tenScriptingg with a version of HS3 before

 tenScriptingg 3.4  6/22/2013

Fixed a problem with the way that Methods were  identified within your code

 tenScripting 3.3 6/16/2013

No changes since v3.2   --   it appears as though the v3.2 file was corrupted

 tenScripting 3.2  6/15/2013

tenScripting now appears on the HS3 Plugins Management Page under Remote Plugins when it is connected

More of the sample scripts have been converted to run under HS3

Version information now displayed in the Help menu dropdown

A problem carried over from HS2 has been corrected.  You can now include Class definitions within a script

CORRECTED:  The HS Events list incorrectly displays the new value of a device --  it is displaying the old value as both the old and new value.  Believe this is an HS3 bug, but still looking at it.  Update:  this has been corrected in the latest version of HS3.

 tenScriptingng 3.1  6/12/2013

This is the initial release of the HS3 version.  This should be considered a beta release designed for the early beta release of HS3.  It will evolve as HS3 evolves and as bugs and suggested enhancements are reported.