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tenScripting Frequently Asked Questions

tenScripting cannot find my script(s) and/or method(s)

There are several things to understand.  First, ALL .vb files in the project directory will be scanned.  Even if the file is not included into the Project.  So, only include files in the project folder that belong.  Secondly, each .vb file that contain your scripts must be included into the project  (menu:  Project/Add Existing File).  It is not enough to be located in the project folder, it must be included into the project.  Finally, the Sub must be declared as Public for tenScripting to load it, and the parameters must be defined properly for the method's signature to match.  Define it as:

Public Sub Main(ByVal Parms as Object)

I added my .vb class file to the project, and defined my class and functions.  When I run tenScripting, it shows my file in the dropdown list, but my method does not appear in the dropdown list.

Make sure that you define your method as Public, ie:
     Public Sub Main(ByVal Parms as Object)

Does tenScripting work on 64-bit Vista?

Yes, but there is a small bug in version 1.1.0..  There is an easy fix:
        In the Solution Explorer, right-click tenScripting and click on Properties
        Select the Compile tab and click on the Advanced Compile Options... button
        Set the Target CPU: drop-down to x86
        Click the OK button

This is corrected in version 1.2.0

I am trying to access a HomeSeer plugin from my script using:
p=hs.plugin("MyPlugin").  My script works okay running in HomeSeer, but it fails in tenScripting indicating the plugin class cannot be found.  Can I create a remote reference to my HomeSeer plugin?

Yes, you can.  You must copy the HSP_ dll file from the plugin into your project (suggest \bin\debug) and create a reference to it in your project.  To create a reference, right-click References in the Solution Explorer and click on Add Reference ....  Select the Browse tab, and then browse to the file you just copied, and click OK.

When I open the file \tenScripting\tenScripting.suo in Visual Studio all I see is a screen full of funny characters.

Make sure that you use the menu item   File/Open Project ,  not  File/Open File

Can I run tenScripting from a computer not on my local network, from outside my router/firewall?

Yes.  First, you must tell your router/firewall to open and forward to your HomeSeer server a port for tenScripting to use.  I suggest 8737.
Then run tenScripting and change the connection parameters.  Specify the IP address of your router and the port you forwarded.  You can use a domain name as well.  For version 1.1.0 or earlier, Enter something like:  my.domain:8737  or

In version 1.2.0, a separate port parameter was added so you specify the IP address and the port seperately.

ComplexSamples.vb/MultipleEntryPoints/ScheduleDeviceActions code to delete existing Events is incorrect.

It will be fixed in releases 1.4.0 and should be:

'' Delay requested, schedule it
'''' Remove any Existing Events
hs.RemoveDelayedEvent("", TempEventName) ' remove any scheduled event executions
hs.DeleteEvent(TempEventName) ' remove the event definition