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To install the Scripting Extensions to HomeSeer4, download one of the distribution files below.  First, close HS4.  Then extract the tenGlobalMethods.dll file and copy it to your root HomeSeeer4 folder  (usually Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\).

Finally, you must add an entry to the settings.ini file found in your HS4 Config folder.  In the [Settings] section, find the entry ScriptingReferences= .  If your settings.ini file does not contain this entry, then add it.  The value to the right of the = consists of a list of pairs consisting of a library name and the location of the file containing the library, separated with a semi-colon.  You must add an entry for the tenGlobalMethods.dll file that should look like this:


Libraries defined in the ScriptingReferences key are separated by a comma.  A typical entry might look like this:


If you have tenScripting4 installed, it provides a tool that helps you add this entry, located on the Tools/Update HS ScriptingReferences  menu item.

You are now  ready to restart HS4.  If you are installing an updated version to an HS4 installation that already has Scripting Extensions installed, you do not need to edit the settings.ini file again, just copy the library file (after closing HS4).



Scripting Extensions Downloads

 Scripting Extension 4.2  2/14/2021

HS4 bug. If a Device that is assigned to a Category is deleted, the Ref of the deleted Device is still included in the Category. GetRefsByCategoryName and GetCategoriesByRef now check for these invalid Refs.

 Scripting Extension 4.1  2/4/2021

Initial distribution