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tenScriptAid for HS3

tenScriptAid is a programming utility that provides detail information about HS3 Devices, and generates VB.Net script statements that can be pasted into any text editor (including Visual Studio/tenScripting3).

You can use tenScriptAid to display all of the CAPI commands for a device, and generate the code to paste into your script to execute each CAPI command.

When you start tenScriptAid it will ask you for the IP address of your HS3 server.  It then connects to HS3 (you can run tenScriptAid on a computer other than your HS3 server) and retrieves Device information.

You select a Device by Location and Name, and tenScriptAid displays relevant Device information.  Click on the information (for instance, the Device Address), and the VB.Net statement needed to retrieve that Device's Address will be placed onto the Windows Clipboard so you can then Paste it into your script.

The sample dialog below shows that the VB.Net code to execute the CAPI Play command for the Sonos player in the Office has been placed onto the ClipBoard.

tenScriptAid Dialog


Download one of the ZIP files below, extract the file tenScriptAid.exe into a separate folder. 

Copy the following files from your HS3 folder to the folder where you copied tenScriptAid.exe.

To run, click on the tenScriptAid.exe file.

  tenScriptAid 1.41                        5/10/2021      
                                                                             Duplicate Event Names Ignored

  tenScriptAid 1.40                        5/10/2021      
                                                                             Debugging enhanced and always ON

  tenScriptAid 1.39                        12/13/2020      
                                                                             Increased error checking and logging

  tenScriptAid 1.38                        6/21/2020      
                                                                             Increased error checking and logging

  tenScriptAid 1.37                        6/8/2020      
                                                                             Total Rewrite of the User Interface

Changes Made in tenScriptAid v1.37

  tenScriptAid 1.31                        8/12/2019      
                                                                             Added Check for New Version

                                                                             Additional Error Checking

  tenScriptAid 1.30                        4/8/2019      
                                                                             Fix DeviceLastChanged Code Generation

                                                                             Fix CAPI ControlUse Code Generation

                                                                             When enabled, display location of debug file

                                                                             Additional DEBUG logging

                                                                             Detect invalid device Relationships

  tenScriptAid 1.29                        2/21/2019      
                                                                             Render DeviceString HTML

  tenScriptAid 1.28                        2/17/2019      
                                                                             Coordination with tenHsEvents
                                                                             Removed Exit confirmation

  tenScriptAid 1.27                        6/22/2018      
                                                                             Bug: Close when minimized

  tenScriptAid 1.26                        4/29/2018      
                                                                             Display CAPI ControlUse info
                                                                             Stop tenScriptAid from running more than once

  tenScriptAid 1.25                        4/22/2018      
                                                                             Maintain Settings for New Versions
                                                                             Save tenScriptAid location for tenScripting
                                                                             New Device Info Grid and CSV Save

  tenScriptAid 1.24                        3/15/2018       Restored MISC Field code generation?

  tenScriptAid 1.23                        3/15/2018       Improved ClipBoard reliability
                                                                             Version # to window title
                                                                             Window docking/OnTop eliminated
                                                                             Separate Connect dialog
                                                                             HS3 dlls v included

  tenScriptAid 1.22                        12/17/2016        Resolved issue where device relationships are broken

  tenScriptAid 1.21                        9/24/2016        Bug Fixes and Minor enhancements

  tenScriptAid 1.20                        1/23/2016        Added Code Generation for MISC Fields

 tenScriptAid 1.18                        12/8/2015        Hopefully, resizing bug is DEAD 

 tenScriptAid 1.17                        12/7/2015        Another try at fixing resizing problems 

 tenScriptAid 1.16                        12/7/2015        Fixed form resizing problems 

 tenScriptAid 1.15                        12/6/2015            Allows you to disable main window docking 

 FindBadDevice                            12/6/2015        Special Utility to try and find problem HS3 Device 

 tenScriptAid 1.14                        12/6/2015           Properly handle multiple displays 
                                                                                More Debug info during startup

 tenScriptAid 1.13                        12/5/2015        Lots of small enhancements and bug fixes 

 tenScriptAid 1.12                        11/29/2015        Added feature to Run a Script 

 tenScriptAid 1.11                        11/29/2015        Fixed problem with CAPI control  Range
                                                                             Added Misc Device info
                                                                              Cosmetic improvements

 tenScriptAid 1.10                       11/23/2015        Added Device Search 

 tenScriptAid 1.9                        11/16/2015        Sorted Event List 

 tenScriptAid 1.8                        11/16/2015        Changed Debug file location 
                                                                              Added Event triggering

 tenScriptAid_1.7.0.0                11/16/2015        Added Root/Child information 

 tenScriptAid_1.6.0.0.zip            11/16/2015        Resolved VsPair program freeze 

 tenScriptAid_1.5.0.0.zip            11/15/2015        Additional VsPair debugging 

 tenScriptAid_1.4.0.0.zip            11/15/2015        Added Debug file

 tenScriptAid_1.3.0.0.zip            11/15/2015        Adjusted dialog window, now resizable 

 tenScriptAid_1.2.0.0.zip            11/13/2015        Added Refresh button

 tenScriptAid_3.0.0.208.zip        11/13/2015        Inital (BETA) release