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tenDisplayHsDevices is a utility program that runs on either a HomeSeer server, or another computer on a LAN connected to your HomeSeer server.  It displays HomeSeer Device properties in realtime, aiding script and plugin development.  This program is an enhancement to the code created by Richard Helmke.


Can be run on a development computer connected via LAN to your HomeSeer server

Realtime display of all Device changes (value, status, or devicestring)

Displays detail device information for the selected device

Double-click entry in Events list displays that device's details

Refreshes detail device display whenever that device is updated in realtime

Can run multiple copies of the utility to monitor multiple devices simultaneously


When tenDisplayHsDevices is run, it displays a connection dialog.  Enter either the IP address of your HomeSeer server or a network name for the server.  If you are running the utility on your HomeSeer server, you can enter localhost

Connection Dialog

When you click the Connect button, a connection is made to the HomeSeer server and the HomeSeer Devices are retrieved.  The following dialog will be displayed, showing the Location and Name of each device as it is retrieved:

Retrieving Devices

After the Devices have been retrieved, the main utility window is displayed:

Main tenDisplayHsDevices window

Use the Location and Name dropdown lists to select a device to display.  You can also double-click a line in the Events list to change the device displayed.  Click on the Show Log button to display the HomeSeer log records generated since tenDisplayHsDevices was started as follows:

Homeseer Log Records


Installation program:

   tenDisplayHsDevices Version 2.7  2/14/2012

Filter on Change Log can now be: Device, Location, or DeviceType

Single-click Change Log entry to display Device Location/Name

Change and HS logs now resize with main window

  tenDisplayHsDevices Version 2.6  3/24/2011

Bug fix:  Exception if a device's Value Table is misformed.

  tenDisplayHsDevices Version 2.5  3/11/2011

Changed approach to accessing HS dlls

  tenDisplayHsDevices Version 2.4  3/10/2011

Compiled to target 32-bit CPUs instead of Any CPU to solve incompatibilities with HS on 64-bit computers

  tenDisplayHsDevices Version 2.3  2/27/2011

May require HomeSeer version or later

Scroll boxes scroll forward with freeze/scroll option button

You can now filter the Events display so that only the selected device changes are shown

All defined device actions  (CAPIcontrol) are now displayed

  tenDisplayHsDevice Version 2.1  5/4/2009

Added setup program